The Runnersworld Phanos Bosscross and Bosloop is a running event in the Amsterdamse Bos, a few kilometers southeast of the city of Amsterdam. There is both the possibility to compete in cross country or road races. The cross country races are going through fields and forest, almost certainly picking up a lot of mud. The road race goes completely over paved roads. All races are going over the hill, so for Holland there is quite some climbing. All three events are open for everyone and are on Sunday 5 January 2014. The distances and starting times are:

– short distance-cross country race of 2,3 km( junior and senior), starting at 10:40h

– long distance-cross country race of 5,6km (women) starting at 11:05u, 8 km(men), starting at 11:55h

– road race of 10km, starting at 13:20h

Registration is possible through the internet till 25 of Febrary or till the limit of 1000 runners is reached. On the day itself at scouting ‘de Teil’ registration is also possible, if there are numbers available. There is also the collecting of start numbers. De Teil can be found on Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan 23. Participation in the Phanos Boscross your own risk and responsibility!

More questions can be asked via e-mail: